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That's what I needed!

Now I can watch all my TV shows on my new Zune player.

Susan A., Miami, US
That's what I needed!

Now I can watch all my TV shows on my new Zune player.

Susan A., Miami, US
MovieTaxi is the best!

I can watch all the bit torrent movies at the airport.

Michael O., Burlington, US
Really easy to use

When connecting my Zune to my new Plasma TV, the video and sound quality is suberb

Jason T., Lakewood, US
Great solution!

Thanks to MovieTaxi I can watch all those downloaded movies on TV.

Philip P., Sterling, US

I just downloaded several free music videos from yahoo and now I can listen to them on my Zune.

MovieTaxi paid off in minutes

Andrew G., New York, US

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MovieTaxi Zune Video Converter
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MovieTaxi Zune Video Converter is an extremely easy to use 1-Click solution to convert Tivo, DivX, Xvid, MPEG, MPEG4, WMV, AVI, (S)VCD, RealMedia videos and many more to Zune in high quality at high speed.

It uses a new WMV encoder to produce smaller high quality video files at an incredible speed.

Just select the video files you want to convert and MovieTaxi makes them ready for your Zune player. With MovieTaxi you can easily watch all your videos on your Zune.

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  • extremely easy to use 1-click Zune video conversion
  • 400% faster by using SSE2/SSE/MMX/3DNow, dual core, Hyper-threading
  • High quality video in WMV format.
  • Zune to TV
  • automatic aspect ratio adjustment
  • easy customizing of video quality and size
  • new super fast WMV encoder
  • can convert music videos to MP3 and MP4 AAC audio files
  • can automatically scan input folders for new files to convert

Supported input formats:

  • Tivo to Zune
  • AVI to Zune
  • DivX to Zune
  • XviD to Zune
  • WMV to Zune
  • MPG to Zune
  • MPEG to Zune
  • SVCD to Zune
  • VCD to Zune
  • RM to Zune
  • RMVB to Zune
  • VOB to Zune
  • MOV to Zune
  • DAT to Zune

Get it NOW for only $19.99 Only $19.99 Download Free Trial

System Requirements:
Vista x32, Windows XP x32 or Windows 2003 x32, 256MB RAM


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